1st Step:
Shaping Dreams.

Its time to tell your Scavolini guide what comes to mind when you picture the kitchen of your dreams. What are your habits? Do you like to cook? How much time do you, your friends, or your family spend in the kitchen? Be completely open about your needs and desires, and we will solve any dilemmas you may have.
In our many years of experience we have seen that the most important aspect of a great kitchen is functionality – our Scavolini guide will help you attain it.
With the perfect design concept, you will also get a detailed list of all the costs. No matter your budget, you will get the best quality product.
After the final measurements of the dimensions of your space, and amending any mistakes, we will sign a contract. Henceforth, your budget does not change, and there will be no additional costs. You will be given a precise time frame for the project’s completion – no delays.
It’s time for the next step.

2nd Step:
Made in Italy.

Immediately after signing your contract, your kitchen will be given a unique bar code linked to your name. Alongside a clear delivery plan, you can track the progress of your kitchen live via the Scavolini portal using your unique code.
Every kitchen is assembled exclusively at the Scavolini factory in Pesaru, Italy, and all the materials and components are manufactured in the EU. A clearly defined production procedure (UNNI EN ISO 9001), and regular inspections, guarantee a quality product built to its precise specifications.
The completion date of your kitchen depends on the finishing materials you choose. With a matt finish, your kitchen will be complete within 30 days, while a glossy finish may take longer do to the more complex process associated with the material
As the preparations are underway, the moment of installation approaches.

3rd Step:
Time to Enjoy.

Your Scavolini guide has just informed you that your kitchen has arrived in Serbia. In accordance with your agreement and in coordination with the subcontractors, we can set a date for the delivery and installation of your kitchen.
Our professional technicians are specially trained for installing Scavolini kitchens and have been fully briefed on the specific project – They know the specifications of your space, and exactly what you want. The entire Scavolini Store Belgrade family respects your home and will make sure that everything goes smoothly.
The final result is a beautiful and functional kitchen that fits perfectly in your home. Get ready to enjoy it every day!