Welcome to the World of Scavolini.

Scavolini is a leading brand of Italian kitchens. With its roots in a small store in Pesaro in 1961, brothers Valter and Elvino elevated the brand to the very top of the industry through quality design and exceptional service, where it has stayed for the last 30 years.

Quality of the materials: At Scavolini, quality means using strong and durable materials that last, and the price of the product really reflects its true value. All the materials used in the Scavolini kitchens are manufactured in the EU. Scavolini oversees over 600 laboratory tests of their products and materials every year.

Production quality: The production of every kitchen takes place at the Scavolini factory in Pesaro, using a highly controlled process. Every kitchen is unique and tailored to the exact specifications of the customer, and for the sake of accuracy, each item is referred to using the name and code of the buyer. Scavolini also has the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate, for their quality control system. It covers the procedures at all levels of design; through production, employee training, supplier selection, all the way to customer service.

Design quality: Scavolini has been setting the bar and the trends in kitchen design for years. A great deal of attention is spent on choosing their designers, so it is easy to spot many renowned names from the world of architecture in all the models. Designing just one new model takes about one to two years on average. In the last two decades, the brand has introduced designs for bathrooms and living rooms as well.

Scavolini Store Belgrade

Scavolini Store Belgrade specializes in home furnishing. In addition to the Scavolini kitchens, you will find bathrooms and living rooms by the same brand. Along with these, we also offer kitchen appliances from high-end German manufacturers such as Gaggenau and Bosh, as well as Kenwood’s home appliances, and Blaco sinks and taps.

Scavolini Store Belgrade offers full service when it comes to furnishing your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. We guarantee a clear, and fully transparent process – from our first consultation, until the moment your ideal space is installed and ready to be enjoyed. Each project is managed by a professional guide from Scavolini.

Our doors are always open. Visit us in Airport City.